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Company Profile

PIONEER CONTAINERS was formerly known as Medivik Containers, a leader brand of Transfusion Pouches.  They are now manufactured in a Ultra-Modern Unit, using the latest technology. 

We manufacture a wide range of pouches from 50ml to 1000ml capacity, along with Enema Pouches from time tested formulation of ultra-clear and non-toxic vinyl as per Indian Pharmacy & International Standards. Duly backed by test-reports on each batch of compound proceeds.

PIONEER CONTAINERS are available either with standard single-port nozzle & plug assembly or multi-port tube assembly, as per the client's design.

PIONEER CONTAINERS are supplied as ready-to-fill condition avoiding the costly process of pre-cleaning & sterilisation. They are factory-packed in sealed heavy-duty poly-lined cartons to avoid contamination in transit.


Contact Information

Bombay Office:

Postal address
112, Peacodk Palace, 69, Warden Road, Mumbai-400026
Manufacturing unit:
Postal address
G.I.D.C. Udyog Nagar, Plot no. 63/7, Kansari, Khambhat, Gujarat - 388 630, INDIA.